so. very. busy.

It has been a very, very busy several days. A very EXCITING several days, from Young Indiana’s point of view.

Friday he got to go hang out with his cousins for a few hours. Saturday his Nana and Papa arrived. Sunday was his birthday (“NOW I am four years old, Mama!”) and the whole fam damily was over, which is *excrutiatingly* exciting. Today he has still not gotten over the excitement of Nana and Papa’s arrival and is pretty well beside himself.

Ted is off work for NINE WHOLE DAYS. This means I don’t have to cook dinner for NINE WHOLE DAYS. Of course, it means I have to do dishes for nine whole days… :)

Today, having not worked for most of a week, I went forth and wrote a blazing 5100 words in 3.5 hours, which apparently is sufficient to have me singing “Everything is awesome!” for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve hit 28K on MAGIC & MANNERS and am still having a ridiculously good time writing it. In some ways it’s beginning to diverge from the source material in increasingly dramatic ways, which is cool and fun and exciting. I’ve just figured out a way to bring a story thread that I wanted to put in, in, and it works smoothly and naturally and I’m very pleased. And I’m also caught up through the end of May for Patreon chapters, which is great. I haven’t yet decided if I want to go ahead and round it up to 30K or just seize the next opportunity to work on my Regency (which, actually, is what I should do, except I need to be online for that, so it’s a little harder to arrange…).

I’m terribly *behind* on watching Beauty and the Beast, and I haven’t yet re-read TIGANA, which is April’s GGK Book Club book. Odds are poor that I’ll get to it this month, either; maybe I’ll manage both it and A SONG FOR ARBONNE in May. It’s always harder to read when I’m writing a lot, and I’ve been doing a lot of moving fast from one project to another, so the re-read is suffering at the moment.

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