Boy. I just don’t have any brain left. I’ve been trying to work on the Chance scripts, or, hell, anything, and just…nothin’. I can’t even work up any enthusiasm for total fluff writing, like BtA, or … anything. Possibly brain-deadedness is compounded by the fact that nobody but me will be disappointed if I don’t get the Chance scripts done/reach 400K, but usually that’s enough to get me to do something.

Possibly it is also compounded by the fact that, having divided it out, I had a deadline, self-or-outside imposed, every 2.1 weeks for the year of 2006. That might *just* have something to do with the brain dead.

I have to do COYOTE line edits in the first half of next week. I think, however, that besides that, I’m not even going to try to write for the next two weeks. Screw it. My brain needs the down time. I’m going to read, clean the house, do Christmas shopping (oh yay), start going to the gym, and let my poor head recharge. With any luck, I’ll start getting the itch to get words on paper again before the year is out, and will make my goals.

-goes to finish loading the dishwasher and read some more of JONATHAN STRANGE-


  1. cammykitty

    You sound like you are where I was a week ago – in drastic need of a body and soul recharge. Well, I’m mostly recharged now and am facing picking up a writing project that has gone cold. I hate cold writing projects!!! Worse than cold oatmeal in the morning!

  2. the1pony

    *barges in*

    Hi there- I just wanted to say hello and thank you for the great stories. I just read Urban Shaman, Banshee Cries and Thunderbird Falls in the last week, and I enjoyed them immensely. I’m really looking forward to Coyote Dreams.

    I hope you don’t mind that I “friended” you- I figured it would be a good way to stalk.. er, keep track of what’s happening with your writing. ;)

  3. sammywol

    LOVE that icon! I am very jealous of that cat right now.

    Xmas shopping is a bit minimalist this year due to lack of cash and will to live. The internet is our friend though. If you have people to buy for in the UK I recommend Unless they are teetotallers in which case they can darn well have a share in some chickens going to Africa or some such.

    Enjoy Strange and Norrell!

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