breaking radio silence

After two days of silence you’d think I’d return to triumphantly state the book was done, wouldn’t you?

Not so much, sadly. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at apartments, and I’ve been creeping forward on book progress. I have finally just hit 110K, and I’m 4 pages shy of this version of the book overtaking the last version. I think I’ve got about three chapters left. I will finish it this weekend if I have to stay up until Tuesday to do it (it doesn’t become not-the-weekend if you don’t sleep, right?). Luckily, there’s at least one big fight scene that I can put back in almost wholesale, so that’ll help push me toward getting the story done, and I know what happens from here on out. It’s just a matter of getting it all typed in. I hope. :)

I hate househunting. Fortunately, Ted is much, much more phlegmatic about it and has volunteered to pretty much take it over, and I’m less stressed now. We found a 3br apartment that would probably do quite well, and are going to attempt to string them along a few more days while we look at some houses and see what’s to be seen.

Right now, though, it’s food time. Starving Kit. Meow.

(Oh, speaking of meow, Mr. Gimpy is getting along quite well. He’s extremely impatient with not being able to go up and down stairs easily, but the vet was very happy with how he was getting along and his weight and his movement and all, and with any luck the cast will come off in another 10 days.)

miles to Minas Tirith: 170

5 thoughts on “breaking radio silence

  1. Where is the apartment? Is it convenient to Ted’s workplace, or other places of interest?

    Bless Ted and his phlegm.

  2. It’s about halfway between Blackpool shopping centre and the city centre, just past the Heinekin factory, so ‘yes’ to both questions. :) It’d be nice if it was slightly closer to the city centre, but that may be too nitpicky. :)

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