bridal shower

I went to Deirdre’s bridal shower for a couple of hours last night, and that was fun. I didn’t stay for the real partying, what with having to, y’know, get up and go to work today, but it was nice to see people and stuff. :)

Uh. That’s about all I have to say. :)

3 thoughts on “bridal shower

  1. umm… know you’re getting old when……?

    being responsible and going to bed early and all that….

    Whatever happened to staying up all night and playing hard and then working all day?

  2. You must be thinking of somebody else. I stayed up all night, played hard, then slept through my classes. :)

    Besides, I don’t drink, and part of the fun was drinking, so, eh. I’d rather sleep. :)

  3. I know you don’t drink, and didn’t even when you weren’t old and were in college…. :)

    And you went to some of your classes rather than sleeping through them all….Remember staying up slaving over papers for Dr. Dupras? And occasionally calling each other late at night, because we could see each other’s lights in the dorms….

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