There is either a bug on the outside or a smear on the inside of the living room window. It’s driving the cats insane. They’re standing up on their back legs smacking at it and trying to get it. *laugh* They’re leaving little steamy kitty breath spots on the window. :)

I read SONG OF UNMAKING last night. *happysigh* Want the next book now, please. :) I was about three chapters in when I said to Ted, “*Man*, she’s a good writer,” and then I didn’t say anything else for three hours ’cause I was reading. :) Reading is NICE. Having somebody else tell the story is NICE. I should do this more often! I think WORLDWIRED and IRON SUNRISE are on the plate for today, except this first chapter, or at least first scene, for the 4th Strongbox book really wants to be written, so I’m going to do that now instead of reading. And sometime in the next few days I’m going to post snippets and comments about that series, and see if I can get some book title ideas from y’all, ’cause this is one I’m coming up blank on.

Now Lucy is creeping up over me, as if I won’t notice her sitting on my arm if she moves very slowly. The problem with this, of course, is that my arm is pinned down by eleven pounds of cat, and it’s somewhat hard to miss.

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