In a fit of childish fitfulness, I stomped my feet this morning and said I don’t *care* if I’ll pay for it later, I’m Not Working Today. So I’ve been watching Smallville with Ted and reading and doing a bit of shopping. I may watch a movie in a little while here. Take *that*!

I did peek at the copy-edited TQB manuscript, and it is *nothing* like the horror the HoC ms was, so even if it’s just shy of 600 pages long I’m not quite as dismayed about the prospect of doing the edits over the next few days. Also, if I start getting gloomy I can go look at the interior layouts and be reminded at just how gorgeous the book is going to be. *beams*

I’ve just realized I actually feel not-sick right now. Wow, it’s amazing how perky not-sick feels.

It appears HEART OF STONE is shipping! Official release date is (well, the *official* release date is November 1, but the first-week cycle the Luna books are on says it’s out as of) Oct 23rd. Anyway, what I thought was funny/cool was that Amazon’s got it listed at #2 in their (can-we-get-it-any-more-specific) “SF/F -> Fantasy -> Contemporary” bestsellers right now. That’s all fine and dandy, but the part I actually find myself liking a lot is that I know or at least have passing acquaintance with 4 of the top 5 bestsellers in that list right now: ‘s MAGIC BITES is #3; Jim Butcher’s STORM FRONT is #4 (which, btw, rules, because that’s book 1 of the Dresden Files and it’s been out for years, man!), and Charles Stross’s HALTING STATE (which I am *dying* to read) is at #5. I’m not at all sure I’d have believed you if you’d told me five years ago that out of a hatful of bestseller rankings (even very specific ones), I’d know half or more of the writers in it. I luff it, I do.

Yesterday Ted did something so cute he won’t let me tell you about it (and really it wouldn’t translate well into text anyway). Instead I will just tell you I have a ridiculously adorable husband and I love him a lot. :)

Know what I want? I’d like an Alfons Mucha style layout, preferably but not necessarily with some sort of fantasy-based theme. ‘course, I also want LJ to actually be customizable, which is asking too much.

*goes to dork around with layouts*

miles to Minas Tirith: 341

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  1. Yay! More books soon!

    I’m not happy with Gail Dayton right now. She killed my favorite charactor in The Eternal Rose. Had me in tears last night.}:(

    So don’t you go killing off Jo or Morrison, or I’ll have to come hurt you!}:P

  2. Oh my *god*. *seizes heart* Was that not AWFUL? Oh my GOD. I spent pages and pages not able to believe it. AUGH! Devastating! AUGH!

    Don’t worry. No plans to kill off either Jo or Morrison. I promise. :)

  3. I made it to chapter 14 last night before I had to stop because I couldn’t see.

    WHY HIM?!?

    So NOT FAIR(tm). }:(

    And good.}:P

  4. So annoyed at amazon.

    They shipped other people’s books. I didn’t know they had it in stock yet! And even though it was in stock, mine wasn’t shipping for TWO MORE WEEKS WTF.

    So I cancelled and reordered it and sent them a nastygram:)

  5. A fit of childish fitfulness? It’s grand, so it is, the way you writers use the language. :)

  6. Glad to hear you took the day off – you deserved it – and needed it I suspect. Sorry I missed it. I spent the day sulking (also known as watching tv and tidying bedroom!) but I will be more up beat tomorrow. So hopefully see you then.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  7. Please note my Supernatural-esque Weird Circle icon. Because MAN was it weird.

    We went to Borders today, on a whim.

    Borders NEVER has books before their laydown date. I once asked about a book and they had the nerve to tell me it was against the law to put the books out early. (I scoffed.)

    And today? They had Heart of Stone.

    On the FRONT TABLE.

    *iz happy*

  8. Well, she didn’t kill off MY favorite character, and I really like what happens later…


  9. Halting State was excellent, and also awesome was Scott Westerfeld’s Extras, the fourth book in the Uglies/Pretties/Specials trilogy.

    Now I want to see Extras crossed with the his also-excellent Midnighters trilogy, but I know that’s the sort of thought that leads to fanfic so lalala I’ll go lie down now (not that there’s anything wrong with fanfic, of course, in moderation).

    Is there Urban Shaman fanfic? Is it best not to check?

    I have to say it was very pleasing to have Stross’ Merchant’s War (Merchant Princes 4) come out two weeks after Halting State, but it will be very sad when another two weeks go by and there isn’t another book by him out. Expectations have been set!

    But just imagine if Ted were in an Alfons Mucha style layout! How adorable would that be?

  10. I haven’t read any Westerfeld. I’ll have to look for him. Cool.

    I have no idea if there’s Walker Papers fanfic, and I don’t want to know. :) You can go look for it if you want, but if you find any, don’t tell me. :)

    *laughs* I have a hard time imagining an Alfons Mucha-style Ted. :)

  11. Hello!
    I am listening to this series on audio book, and have just started listening to Coyote Dreams. This series excellent! What gave you the idea for this series and can we expect more in the future?

  12. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! And yes, you can expect more in the future–book four will be out in mid-2009. :)

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