bus schedules

Lovely. Just freaking lovely. I have finally taken a look at the bus schedules. Would you like to know what they look like? Like this:

The bus I would want to get on near the gym (#4) arrives there at approximately 7:44.

The bus I would want to transfer to in order to get near my *home* (#36) gets to the transfer point that Bus #1 gets to at approximately 8:12.

It’s about a 5 minute drive from the stop I’d get on to the transfer point. Assuming (which is rash) that the buses run on time, waiting twenty minutes in the cold just doesn’t strike me as the thing to do. Especially in that part of town, where there are a lot of drunks with whom I do not particularly wish to hang out.

Sigh. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow and see how it goes. If I get cold I guess I can duck into one of the gas stations, or, hell, walk to the next bus stop.

I can’t find anything on the site about transfers. These people can’t _not_ have transfers, can they?

I went to the library tonight and rewrote two chapters of Urban Shaman.

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