busy busy

Well, I haven’t exactly accomplished what I meant to accomplish today, but I’ve gotten a lot done. I stared despondently at FG and was entirely uninspired. I’m not writing it right, but I don’t know what I’m doing /wrong/, and I’m stalling out. Yuck. So after a while of grumy staring and not achieving anything, I thought I’d go vaccum, so that at least I’d get /something/ done today.

I got the upstairs and the stairs vacuumed and emptied a couple of garbages and then that was as much fun as I could stand. So I thought maybe I’d work on my bookshelves, and went into the garage.

The garage was, as it has been for some months, a disaster. Too much of a disaster to be able to work on my shelves, because everything was everywhere and in the way.

So I cleaned the garage. It’s a pity I didn’t take a before picture, but suffice it to say that everything was piled in the middle of the garage, and now it is not:

Then I finished vacuuming.

Then we went to Burger Cache for lunch, where Tommy the owner asked me if there’d been enough Rogue in X2 for me, and how many times had I seen it. I nodded and held up 2 fingers (I was eating) and he grinned and said he’d seen it twice too.

Thence to get cat food and incidentally a new collar and leash for Chantico, thence ice cream, thence home again to look for my Blaine’s Art Store certificate, for I wanted to go buy some comic book layout sheets, but Blaine’s didn’t have any, so I went to Bosco’s and got some and also got a very nifty CD of visual references for comic artists (check it out at BuddyScalera.com) and now I’m home again and I think I’ll go draw for a while. o.o

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