busy busy busy!

Busy busy busy day!

We got up at 8ish to get ready to go berry picking, which was supposed to happen at 9. Well, we thought was, anyway. At 9, Dad wasn’t here. At 9:05, I said maybe I should call at 9:15. At 9:10, I got impatient and called and said, “Did Dad forget we were going berry picking at 9 this morning?” Mom said, “No, he remembered you were going berry picking at 10 this morning!” So around 9:40 Dad came over and got Emily and me and we went off strawberry picking.

The strawberries were sort of … pathetic. :) Small and tiny and … well, a lot like Alaskan wild strawberries. We got /some/ (more than in the photo), though, and we’ll go next week for another try for the ones that weren’t ripe yet. Having given up on the strawberries, we went for a little walk to check on the raspberries, which, to our surprise, had some ripe ‘uns on the bushes, so we’ll have to go raspberry picking next week, *too*.

Then we stopped for lunch at Bird Point Cafe, which has extremely, extremely good home-made frenchfries and pretty good other food too. Emily faced the windows and kept an eye on the mountain behind us, making certain that it didn’t move, and Dad kept claiming an avalanche was coming down another mountain, but it was coming slowly enough that we could finish lunch and escape. :) While we were there, Dad got up to go to the bathroom. I said, “We’ll be here!” and then, having said that, thought it would be a good idea to switch tables, so we weren’t there at all. That made Dad very sad!

Then we went and walked around the waterfall at McHugh Park where there were tenacious purple flowers clinging to a rock and where I, for no clearly explicable reason, was silly.

*THEN* we stopped at the boardwalk and looked at spawning salmon.

Then Emily and I went to K19: The Widowmaker which was pretty good, if not exacty cheerful.

And now it’s late and I have to pee so I’m not going to update OYL tonight although I’d intended to. Instead I’m going to bed and you can look at the rest of today’s photos here. G’night!

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  1. catie is a silly person. teasing her poor ol’ dad like that…..

    but then, caties are like that….


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