busy days

Well, we went to Gosford Park on Saturday, and Ted /did/ go along, and liked it, and I enjoyed it a great deal. So did everybody, in fact, although we all agreed that the accents made it sort of mushmouthed for the first half or so of the movie. This wasn’t helped any by the fact that the sound system at the Bear’s Tooth is a little lacking, so what might’ve been clearer in another theatre wasn’t there. Ah well. Still, a very enjoyable movie!

Today I got up and went to the gym and did a lower body workout, which, if I remember correctly, went something like this:

  • 150 crunches
  • leg press, 150lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • hip abductor, 70lbs, ” ”
  • inner thigh crunch, 1 set of 70, 2 of 80
  • leg extensions, 40lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • leg curls, 50 lbs, 3 sets of 15 (i think)
  • calf raises, 50lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • butt blaster (that’s what the machine is called, not my fault), 20lbs, 3 sets of 10
  • bench press, 50lbs, 3 sets, 15 reps
  • butterfly press, 60lbs, 3 sets, 15 reps
  • back extender thingy, 50lbs, 3 sets, 15 reps
  • 50 crunches

Then we went shopping and then we came home and after a while I went biking! Yaaaay! Not a terribly long ride; a little over 3 miles, but I went biking! Yaaaay! I’ll go on a slightly longer ride tomorrow evening, I think, but the trails aren’t clear yet and I’m not all that keen on riding on the road if it can be avoided, so paranoia and I are keeping the rides short until I gain a trifle more confidence in people not running me down in their SUVs. But I went biking! For real! Outdoors! YAAAAY!

boring food entry: pb&j w/chips, glass of milk. 1 chocolate chip cookie. chili dogs (2 dogs, 1 bun, chili & cheese), glass of milk. plenty of water.

weight loss goal this week: 2lbs. What this will put my weight at depends entirely on what scale I’m standing on, but I figure if I can make them all say 2lbs less that’s a good thing. So there will be a lot of biking and gyming and swimming and less eating. Damned Bloom County diet….

I got a Shape magazine in the mail and it has a lot of scantily dressed women in weird poses, so I think I’ll do a bunch of those for my 1000drawings project. Big plus: being in a magazine instead of on a computer screen means I can work on them not in front of the computer. :) But I’m going to do one maybe two more drawings of Xena first, though.

Wow, so thirsty. Must drink *more* water.

Chantico has been *very* good. She’s still breaking out of the kitchen at night, and still peeing in random places on the floor, but during the days she’s been very good indeed about going outside or at least using her papers in the kitchen to go to the bathroom on. And she’s gotten HUGE. O.O

7 thoughts on “busy days

  1. So, uh, what muscle groups does the “butt blaster” work?

    Your gym has more leg machines than mine, I think I’m jealous. ^_^

    Then again, you’re actually paying for your gym, so I shouldn’t complain.

  2. hm, the p class on the second paragraphs doesnt work. I’ll have to try to modify that. Anyway.

    The butt blaster works the gluteous maximus and the hamstrings. It’s this complex machine wherein you kneel on all fours, put your foot in a sledge thing, and do a donkey kick, basically. It’s the sort of thing people either love or hate and for some sick reason I love it.

    I’m actually not that keen on my gym anymore (that didn’t take long) and I wish I’d not gone with the cheapest option, because it doesn’t have a lot of arm stuff and it has practically no free weights, and I much prefer doing, f’rex, bench press with free weights. Oh well.

  3. The butt blaster sounds interesting. Only thing we’ve got to work the glutes is the leg press, and that doesn’t do much at all. Guess I’ll have to hope the glute setting for elliptical trainer, and all that biking will help, or something.

    That’s too bad, about the gym.

    I guess I got used to machines, and have never done much with free weights, so I’m pretty happy with my gym in that respect. Nice set of arm stuff, too, though I’m not sure I see the point of both pectoral fly and chest press. I’m doing them both (most of the time, if I’m not worried about losing the elliptical trainer), but still.

  4. Bloom county diet? Is that the one involving eating peanutbutter, chips, hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies? *duck*

  5. Bloom county diet? Is that the one involving eating peanutbutter, chips, hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies? *duck*

  6. Gaah! Ignore the glut of comments, I’m trying to get used to this Opera browser. Looks good, but the thingie showing whether it’s responding or not is well hidden. Uh, back to your regularly scheduled comments…

  7. The Bloom County diet, O Most Postful One, is “Eat less and exercise more.” :)

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