Another busy day. This keeps happening. :) Went to the gym this morning and swam a decent 1800 yards, then stopped at the framing shop and picked up my Goodtree print, which is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, and also picked up the other silly little print that I’d dropped off to have framed. Came home, made a tuna melt for lunch (*YUM*!), Shaun checked the mail came back with, thank HEAVENS, my SASP (Self Addressed Stamped Postcard) from the publisher! One puts this in along with one’s manuscript so the publisher, upon receiving it, can send it back to let you know when the manuscript arrived.

Except in this particular case, instead of an arrival date, mine has a note which says: “Sorry, just noticed this! Got the manuscript a while ago! :)” (smiley his, not mine). *laugh* So I’m very relieved to have gotten that, because I sent the ms on the 17th of December and hadn’t gotten the postcard back, so I was worried about it being lost in the Pit of Lost Manuscripts, but I didn’t want to email and be a nag because I sent it right before the holidays and I figured it wouldn’t get there until they’d closed down for the holidays as it was, and so from the beginning of the year it’d only been a couple of weeks since they’d have received it, and–anyway, I’m very relieved to have gotten it. :)

And then Shaun and I went and did a bunch of birthday present shopping for Ted. Hah. :)

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