Ben Browder will be on CNN tonight at 8:15 to talk about the Save Farscape movement. I’m just astonishingly tickled about the whole thing, mostly, I think, because it’s such a lil’ guys vs. big guys case, and the lil’ guys are kicking ass. It may ultimately come to nothing, but man, has it been some seriously good PR for Farscape and some seriously bad PR for SciFi.

I need to vacuum and clean up a little; somebody’s supposed to come look at the apartment today, and it’s a bloody disaster. I need to *eat* something, too. My god, I’m hungry.

Aberdeen sent us a Happy House gift — an ice cream scoop, a Billy Joel CD for me, and a fencing book for Ted. *beam* Thanks, Deen!

I’m reading Peter David’s Sir Apropos of Nothing, which, sadly, I don’t like nearly as much as I like the title. Apropos is a complete jerk. I can’t decide if I should keep reading or if I should just give it up, because I don’t really get the impression he’s going to turn into a more decent human being — I’m halfway through the book now, and he’s possibly /more/ of a jerk than he was at the beginning. :P

Ok, food, vacuuming, some real work and reading Sarah’s short story. Zum!

4 thoughts on “bwahah

  1. You’re welcome! Now you can return your Dad’s ice cream scoop.

    Also, the folks at Save Farscape are really cool! I told them that I wanted to send letters but that out here in the middle of nowhere they probably wouldn’t get anywhere for a month. So they’re mailing the letters I write for me. (:

  2. Oh! How rockful of the Save Farscape people! go them! Woot!

    *giggle* Okay, okay, I’ll return my parents’ ice cream scoop. :)

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