canker sore owie

I have a canker sore. It hurts. I got stuff to put on it, but the stuff is all the way upstairs and I’m not off work yet, so I’m still downstairs. Right now it’s the sort of aching hurt that doesn’t so much *hurt* as simply says: poke at me! poke at me! poke at me! And so I want to poke at it, but that would make it hurt MORE, and I may be going a little crazy from it. Gngngngfhg!

Plus I have a headache. Blah.

2 thoughts on “canker sore owie

  1. I wish I only had a canker sore, at least then no one else could see it… I have a bunch of stupid small stress blisters on my lip and they hurt just as bad, but people can see them. YUCK!

    Give Deirdre & Gavin my congrats & love would you? I wish I could be there.

  2. Not sure if that water reply was a tip for me or a reminder for Kit, but it would do me good anyhow! :o)

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