canned peaches

Do canned peaches count as part of one’s daily froots and vegetables? Or are they basically just More Sweet Stuff? How about if they’re in light syrup instead of heavy syrup? I don’t like peaches (they’re fuzzy) but I liked canned peaches quite a lot and I’m trying to eat more froots…

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  1. Well, chekc out the little nutrition label. They gots vitamins, they gots fiber… I figure, as long as the first ingredient is something healthy, then the rest doesn’t count, right??? ;)

  2. Yes, they count, says she who spent two years studying nutritional epidemiology, though don’t make them you ONLY fruits and veggies. :) Try to get the light syrup ones or, even better, the ones in natural juice (Dole makes some of those).

  3. The post was pretty much directed at you, Laura. I figured you’d be able to tell me. I do get the light syrup ones, anyway, and I’ll look for some natural juice ones. I didn’t even know they made those.

    I, er, usually manage a vegetable with dinner, anyway… see, this is part of why I needed to know if canned peaches counted. I’m trying to balance my diet. I *am*!

  4. Which is a very good thing to do! It’s not easy… My strategy to get at least 3 a day (I shoot for 5, but don’t always make it these days) is to have a piece of fruit with breakfast, either a fruit (canned peaches are a favorite of mine too) or a vegetable (often roasted peppers or lots of lettuce on my sandwich or a veggie soup)with lunch, and a veggie for dinner. It adds up quickly.

  5. I try to do 5 a day, but it does HORRID things to my digestive system. I’m just not made to be a fresh fruit and veggie eater. :P

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