cash flow reality check

Cash flow reality check; upon balancing the checkbook, it is fairly clear that we can’t afford this month for me to pay $70/m to swim with the Masters’ club. I managed for January to get my act together and swim pretty regularly at UAA; I’ll just have to do it again. And maybe I can get ice skates next winter, or something.

It’s amazing how easy it is to spend too much money.

7 thoughts on “cash flow reality check

  1. Isn’t it, though? ‘I want’ so easily turns into ‘I need’. I found it pretty hard adapting to suddenly having an income of 1/3 of what I used to have,

    especially with my rent being about

    the same as it was in CA.

    It was okay until all my work trousers except one pair had their linings split at the same time. But I am very smug because I found 2 new pairs in the Laura Ashley sale for $30 each that are very nice and managerial smart, so I can afford to wait till the local drycleaner can get around to re-lining them. I know, I know, I ought to do it myself, but I haven’t finished unpacking and that has to come first, ’cause there’s not enough floor to cut out trouser linings. I only took one pair in to be done, though, because I figure with the 2 new pairs and the one that didn’t split, I can hold out till I do have a floor for the others.

    I do want a modern sewing machine, though. I love my featherweight but, well, it’s a featherweight. Not the strongest motor in the world.

  2. sarah already said my sentiments, but i thought about it some more. i decided i don’t necessarily want to be rich, i just want to be debt free…..

  3. If I were debt-free, I’d be close enough to rich for *my* tastes! I’m with you on that. :)

  4. if it weren’t for paying student loan bills and credit cards, i’d actually be pretty darned comfortable with the amount of money i presently make…..oh well,i suppose i did choose to sell my soul to the government so that i could stay a student…….

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