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Not such a busy weekend this weekend. I’ve washed the walls of the house where they needed it (in lieu of vaccuming, which I still need to do but probably won’t today) and done some laundry. Ted and I went to a sneak preview of How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days last night and it was *very* funny. We watched Farscape and Stargate, and on Friday we went over to Mom’s to celebrate her birthday and had a baked ham that was REALLY good, oh my *gosh* it was good. So we hung out for several hours and it was really very enjoyable.

Mom got money to buy herself some new dishes, so Mom and Dad went dish shopping yesterday.

About 4:30, they came over to our house with a complete, brand-new set of dishes for _us_. They found these really terrific purple and yellow and green and orange dishes which match our kitchen really nicely, and which don’t match Mom’s kitchen at *all*. And Mom really *really* liked them. So after much consideration, they decided they’d better buy them for us! O.O

So we have these TOTALLY awesome new dishes! They’re so cool! They’ve got mugs that hold an entire 2 cups of liquid, and bowls, soup bowls, mind you, which hold *three* cups of liquid, and plus there’s a serving bowl and a serving platter and plates and salad plates and I can’t find any pictures on the net, so I’ll have to take a couple of pictures to show people, ’cause they’re *really* neat. *beam* I have really cool parents! :)

I also got 2600 words written today, and I think I might write more tonight. But right now I’m going to make cookies. :)

50K in 30 days count: 7840
ytd wordcount: 18,250
music: Absolutely, The Young Dubliners

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