Day of the Doctor

The more I think about it, the more I like it. Behind the cut it is rife with spoilers.

four things make a performance post

I admit I’m taking a certain amount of glee from watching the horror of the Red Wedding unfold across my Facebook page (mostly Facebook; in other places the geek quotient is higher and more people knew what was coming). Bahahaha. :) Oh, I forgot to mention the ridiculously cool birthday present I got. One of my friends is a performance artist, and was wracking his brain to come up with a gift for me, and suddenly thought, “I could do an in-home 5 minute performance!” And he did, much to…

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a Doctor Who observation

Okay, so I came to Doctor Who through New Who and haven’t watched any of the Old Who. I came to it with the following knowledge: The Doctor is a Time Lord who regenerates (thus allowing more than one actor to play the part) and who travels through time and space with (usually) human companions who have been caught up in his wake. This being the sum total of what I knew about the show, there’s something that’s happen(ed)(ing) with New Who that I get the impression is…not as it…

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