Thinks To Do

  • Thinks To Do

    so very very very many thinks

    buy better sugar
    make fudge make MORE fudge if there’s time
    pincurl hair
    – pack M&M
    – pack RAVEN HEART
    – pack CHANCE
    – pack fudge
    – pack jam
    – pack dress
    – pack shoes
    – pack nylons
    – pack sturdy underwear :)
    – finish laundry
    – fold laundry
    – put laundry away if we’re really ambitious
    – finish setting up phone
    eat something
    – chop up more crabapples
    – put the frozen ones into bags so i have room to freeze the new ones
    – everything i’m forgetting, all by 1:45pm

  • Thinks To Do

    there’s a million things i haven’t done

    mail voter registration stuff
    go over AF galleys *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY*
    shake down the crabapple tree (again tho)
    process crabapples (again tho)
    make crabapple jelly (again tho)
    perhaps make crabapple jam (again tho)
    – but just you wait
    make raspberry jam for octocon/etsy
    make strawberry jam for octocon/etsy
    make hot fudge for octocon/etsy
    order this wig? for octocon because reasons nah
    order/have made a Stetson Aviatrix (Peggy Carter’s hat)
    email isbn info to isbn lady
    email harry for Chance copies
    oh god everything else
    – just you wait

  • Thinks To Do

    today requires a thinks to do list

    there is too much to do today. this week. i’m out of steam, overwhelmed, and tired, although i feel the latter is hopefully mostly due to indy getting up more than an hour earlier than i hoped he would.

    still, it’s the kind of morning that makes me wish i drank coffee. #sigh

    thinks to do today assuming i am not the one who goes into town but at least accomplish by monday:
    finish laundry
    – put laundry away
    clean the kitchen (well, it’s clean*er*…)
    – vacuum living room
    – bonus: vacuum kitchen area carpet
    – bonus bonus: vacuum entryway
    – tidy JUST OnE SHELF in the living room
    – work on silly paranormal romance novella
    – do many, many REDEEMER notes
    – do newsletter
    post a kitsnaps
    – finish chance extras

    by month’s end:
    – finish REDEEMER notes
    – finish silly paranormal romance novella
    get FINAL OLD RACES STORY posted to patreon
    – get YEAR OF MIRACLES compiled & posted to patreon
    – coordinate with ted for getting YEAR OF MIRACLES collection e-pubbed
    – try to get BEWITCHING BENEDICT revisions done

  • Chance, by Ardian Syaf
    Thinks To Do

    to done

    screw a things to do list. i should be keeping a things i’ve done list.

    today i’ve made bread, brownies, chicken pot pie & cookies, walked five miles, done 30 pushups and a load of laundry, put together a ballet barre, danced with my kid, cleaned the kitchen, worked on sorting out the office, and some other stuff i can’t remember because now i’m trying to write it down.

    i don’t know why i’m so hard on myself. i’m a freaking amazon. all should look upon my works and freaking *despair*.

    also, i rocked my rogue stripe today:


  • Thinks To Do

    thinks to do: the christmas list

    go to the zoo
    get pictures with santa
    get some lovely tiger & elephant pictures
    go to the store
    get the things i failed to last night
    — get peanut butter
    clean kitchen
    make dough
    make pizza
    make cinnamon rolls
    make bread
    – make applesauce
    finish wrapping gifts
    prettify gifts
    attempt to be in bed early eta: i’m calling 10:30 early, for christmas eve, demmit.
    under no circumstances disabuse young indiana of the notion that there are Two More Sleeps until Christmas eta:he has NO IDEA. he went to sleep in like 9 seconds. this is going to be epic. :)
    – other things as they occur
    make pumpkin pie
    clean kitchen again @.@

    – clean kitchen again, i suspect
    – make apple pie
    – make green bean casserole*
    – make mushroom pie*
    – finish any last minute wrapping
    – other things as they occur

    *ted is actually making these things

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