Catie’s Very Busy Day

I’ve walked up and down Blarney Street hill three times today, which is one or two more times than I usually do. I’ve bought a lamp and an ironing board and an iron, but not tape or a ruler, which it also turned out were needed; I’ve bought food for dinner and … no, nevermind, I don’t have enough brain to even remember everything I’ve bought, but there was a brass band playing in the city centre, and I’ve been busy.

World Fantasy Con (eta in Saratoga Springs, NY) is coming up next week. Ted and I are attending. Who all is going, and would anybody like to get together for coffee/dinner/breakfast/what-have-you during the weekend? My schedule at the moment is surprisingly open: there’s the Zombies Need Brains! release party on Thursday night, where (Patricia Bray) (S.C. Butler), (Joshua Palmatier) Barbara Campbell, (Jennifer Dunne) and myself will be hosting and selling books and being charming while everybody drinks and eats goodies (how can you go wrong?). I’ve got a dinner Friday night before the booksigning, and lunch Saturday; anybody want to meet up any other time?

And now, that out of the way, I am under orders to go to work. Mom’s downstairs starting work on my HOUSE OF CARDS dress, and I was told I could help by going to work. :)

10 thoughts on “Catie’s Very Busy Day

  1. A brass band? Was it a big brass band? To keep the youth of River City from Trouble, and Playing Pool, and indulging in vice? Does that make you Madame Librarian?

    sorry, my brain made a random Music Man medley in my head

  2. I think there should be more cons on the west coast, dammit! I hope you have a great time at WFC, though!

  3. I’ll be there. :>
    Just finished Heart of Stone. Want more NOW.
    I think it may even be better than your Walker Papers.
    It’s certainly just as awesome. :>
    I love the metaphorical balls Margrit possesses. :>

  4. Dan & I will be there, probably either hanging with Bear’s Bar Amoeba or doing volunteer stuff. But talking with you was great fun last year and I’d love to grab a drink and chat sometime this year too. Who knows, I may even be semi-conscious this time. *grin*

  5. Was it the Carlsberg Brass band from Denmark? They were pretty good.
    Also, How are you/ye enjoying the Jazz weekend?

    (I got to see Jamie Cullum today… Some fantastic musicians on that stage.)

  6. I saw Heart of Stone in the bookstore and bought it! I have a photo but my camera phone upload site is being a dork…But, yeah! It’s out already :P

  7. please remember next time you are bringing home large items like an iron and ironing board that I have a car and can be available (except during audits) …

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