cemurphy update

Ok, I got email back from 100megs saying that despite the fact that they (generic they, not 100megs specifically) claim 24-48 hours for new DNS to resolve, that it tends to take more like 72-96 for everything to propagate world-wide. So the site’ll probably keep flapping for another day or two. S’okay, it’s not like there’s much content on it anyway. I’m going to move my writing stuff over there, I think.

Paperbacks are 7 inches tall.


  • Thenomain

    Oh that’s sick! I knew you were a strange woman, Kit, but to advertise a web page f…


    (After an hour reading Something Positive, what, you’re surprised?)

  • Aberdeen

    Some paperbacks are 7.25 inches tall, just to be obnoxious. Then there are the MMTP, which are, like, 8 inches, just to really throw a worm in the batter.

    But, if you don’t have any of the evil sort, well, then, all the better for you.

  • kit

    Well, if 1/2 inch plywood won’t hold books it doesn’t matter anyway, ’cause I’ll have to use 3/4ths inch and that gets back to the 10 inches between the top of one shelf and the bottom of the next.

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