chance character sketches

I *could* post the last four pages of the roughs for Chance, but instead I’m going to torture you (or something) and post some character sketches instead. :)

Mostly mask ideas, but I love the va-va-va-voom! Chance striding along there. The mask we ended up using is the second/third one on the second scan (I can’t remember if I posted this before, and I’m too lazy to go look).

And this is Officer Darius Murkowski, who’s more than a little in love with Frankie Kemp, and who has kind of a soft spot for Chance, though he doesn’t know they’re the same person, and though his boss absolutely cannot stand vigilantes. Romantic Interest #1. I apparently have a thing for cops. Morrison, Murkowski, and there’s a cop as one of the romantic lead positions in the Old Races Trilogy, too. :) (His name, however, does not start with an M. That’s gotta count for something, right?)

Romantic Interest #2: Trent McAllister, AKA Static. He’s one of the people who caught the super virus and came out of it with powers. Like most of the new powered people, he doesn’t wear a mask or a costume; they’re so new they haven’t gotten that far. If he keeps hanging out with Chance (and he will), he’ll probably eventually end up in some kind of costume. Maybe.

I have *no idea* how Chance is going to choose between these two someday. *falls over* Raar.

(Actually, I know exactly how, but that’s not the point, and besides, I ain’t tellin’. Neener neener.)

7 thoughts on “chance character sketches

  1. Huh. I forgot Darius was black. Or didn’t know that. Cool.

    And yeah, tough choice. But then, you like to make your heroines make tough choices between Da Boyz.

  2. It doesn’t mention it in the script, but my character description for him says something to the effect of “think Denzel Washington, except broader in the shoulder”. I think Chance is the only named character in the whole thing who’s actually described as white (no, not true; Shadowslide is too), but, y’know, if they wanted to cast Kerry Washington to play her I wouldn’t exactly be crying my eyes out. :)

    It wouldn’t be any fun if there weren’t beautiful boyz to struggle over! :)

  3. Cops are sexy. Uniform, positions of power, “nothing’s going to hurt you, not on my watch” attitude…

    Although I also have a soft spot for teachers. :)

  4. I am *sure* Murkowski wouldn’t go for that. I don’t think Static would either, but I’m *sure* Murkowski wouldn’t. :)

  5. Do they have to know about each other…one for pre-vigilante work and one to unwind with? Ok, why am I even in this discussion?

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