I haven’t been posting much about the Chance project lately. This isn’t because it’s dead in the water, but because, erm. I just haven’t been. Ardian’s been doing the inks, which is kind of cool, because not only does it mean the lines of his work are definitely being preserved, but also every time I get an inked page it’s at least subtlely, and sometimes significantly, different from the ‘final’ pencils that I saw. I’ve got more than half the inked pages now and might, assuming email behaves properly, get the rest of them tomorrow, which means holy cats, it’s really time to move on to the colors stage.

I /may/ have a colorist lined up, if I can manage to talk to him this weekend, and if it turns out we can work together, and if he’s got the knack for doing comic book colors. He’s a professional artist but hasn’t done comic colors before, and I would dearly love to work with him, but as you can see, it is a situation of many Ifs, the last of which is probably, “If I can’t catch up with him this weekend I’ll look elsewhere,” because this show is starting to look like it’s going on the road.

I’m probably looking at a late-September or October-ish submission date at this point, though if I pick up a colorist and a letterer quickly enough who knows, it might be a little earlier. I think I’m aiming for October, but one way or another, no matter what happens, in a relatively short time I’m going to have a completed comic book on my hands. I am really truly looking forward to this. :) Ted & I have discussed it and I’m going to go ahead and do the first 6 issues no matter what happens with Image or other houses (I have made friends with Leah Moore and John Reppion, who will probably be helpful in the other-places-to-submit department, if it comes to that) I’ll have at least a black and white run of the first Chance story arc.

Wouldn’t it be very cool to have to go to next year’s ComicCon to pimp my comic book? :)


  1. ysarndrax

    Mmm…ComicCon…I was very intrigued with said con and watched the feeds on G4 (yes geek am I). What a cool reason to actually have to go next year! Oh, and you KNOW I would be buying any comic written by you! (The fact that it has really cool art would just be an added bonus.)

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