Or how about Chantico?

Henry | Chantico: The Aztec goddess of hearth fires and volcanic fires. When she violated the ban on eating paprika on fasting day by eating roasted fish with paprika, she was turned into a dog by the maize-god Tonacatecuhtli. Her name means ‘she who dwells in the house’.

Henry says “Point out to Ted that it’s better than ‘Tonacatecuhtli.'”

Remy says “Chantico is much easier to pronounce than Tonacatecuhtli.”


3 thoughts on “Chantico?

  1. Of course, if you DID name your dog Tonacatecuhtli, no one could ever, ever steal her, since they wouldn’t be able to call her away. Makes yelling at her kind of hard though….though perhaps not much more than when one’s parents use one’s full name. Hmmmm….

  2. now i’m jealous, i want a puppy.

    but i’m not home enough….

    your little gal is cutie, though….

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