chd strikes but good!

A few weeks ago, in a fit of frustration at my hair, I trimmed my bangs a bit, and spent the last few weeks astonished at how much more pleasant it was to not have those long fringes in the way. I liked that I could see my face better.

So I went to the stylist today and had them re-do the color on my bangs first, while I considered the rest of my hair, so I sat there looking at myself for the better part of an hour (which is somewhat more vanity than I usually indulge in, just for the record). They’d pulled the rest of my hair back to get at the bangs, so I spent a while entertaining myself by pulling it loose again, and looking at it, and putting it back again.

And I decided that I was, in fact, really tired of having hair around my face. And it struck me that for the last several years, when I’ve gotten my hair cut, I’ve kept length in the front because growing out a fringe is such a freaking you-know-what in the ass. I mean, like, since I shaved my head, I’ve done that, so we’re talking about eight years, which is a long time.

So now I don’t have any hair around my face anymore:

3 thoughts on “chd strikes but good!

  1. I like it. I am not sure what it looked like before (blonde maybe?), but I like the reddish tinge.

  2. Ohh I like it! I’m still upset – I wanted my hair cut a while ago, and I got it cut; took pictures in and everything, and came out looking like my mother’s high school portrait. FROM *1962*. Some days I can style it to look halfway decent but I’m just waiting for it to all grow out so I can cut it NICELY. SO frustrating because my hair grows reallllly slowlllly.

    As an aside: I’ve suffered from CHD for a while, and in coming to understand it (*g*), I’ve found I always want to really change my hair when I’m subconsciously trying to deal with other areas of my life I feel have gotten away from me. It’s a little healthier of a control mechanism than, say, anorexia, but I still I use CHD as just that – a way of having control – changing something I can change instead of whatever’s really bothering me that I might not have control over at all. Am I way overanalyzing? Because I’ve noticed this patten for a solid something like eight years now. :D

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