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Man. I should be outside playing in the sunshine, but I’m all tuckered out. We walked down to the store, so I did get some exercise in, and then I reaaaaaaaalllllllllly didn’t want to walk down to the post office. Ted, my hero of the revolution, made use of a magical device called a telephone, thus making it unnecessary for me to walk to the post office, so I’ve been sitting around like a sleepy slug all afternoon. Except for the part when I made cookies. That wasn’t slug-like! :) And later I must make bread. I’m going to make a loaf of regular bread, and I’m going to make a loaf of oatmeal molasses bread, if I have enough molasses–and I do. Excellent. Anyway, I thought I’d take that up to Blackrock and let Deirdre & Co try it. :)

OMG. I want one. In a babydoll, please, size medium, color heather grey. *laughs and laughs*

OMG, twice. Comic book movement IRL. I must study at the feet of the master.

AH! just emailed! URBAN SHAMAN is *finally* being shipped directly from Amazon again! HOORAY!

I got a very flattering comment over on the forums today: a male reader who picked up CARDINAL RULE because it’d been mis-shelved in mystery read the back cover, most of the first chapter, then went and bought it despite getting the hairy eyeball from the female bookseller because he was buying a Silhouette book. He went on to say, “Who would have thought that one would find this quality of writing in a “trashy romance novel”. It reminded me of the 1960’s Spy novels by Len Deighton and Ian Fleming, amoung others. I really miss that style of classic spy stories.”

I thought that was really wonderful. *beam*

(ETA: Oh oh oh, such a dork, forgot to say! Ted has got himself an LJ now! He’s ! Yaaay!)

miles to Isengard: 110.5

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  1. if you want parkour goodness, check out the french movie (co-written, iirc, by luc besson) “district b13”. for it is AWESOME. full of parkour-y goodness.

    also, check youtube and google video for some parkour videos of great excellence.

  2. While reading this post, I got the funniest picture in my head. A slug with a Chefs hat on, stirring cookies in a bowl lol. Ok, I know slugs have no arms, sue me…
    But really, it was just so funny I thought you would get a laugh out of it :-)

  3. That is completely not the picture I got in my head when reading this post. But! It is Friday, so that’s okay!

    (Icon! Icon!)

  4. Oh wow, what a great feedback comment! I must get Cardinal Rule this weekend! I’ve been checking local B&N’s and haven’t found it yet–it wasn’t in the one on my go-home route this past Tuesday, I’m hoping this was just because it was laggardly in arriving.

  5. You’ll have a hard time finding Cardinal, but you should be more successful with Firebird Deception. :)

    I thought that was a really great comment. Totally made my day, and I’d been having a good day already! :)

  6. *laugh!* ACK, did I screw up the titles? Okay, NOW I feel sheepish. Yes, it’s book 2 of those I’m looking for! *^_^*

    But yay, what great things to be happening for Writer Kit today!

  7. *laugh* Even I screw up the titles. Don’t feel bad. :) Just wait til the Ho* books come out. That’ll be really mind-bending. :)

  8. *giggle* Considering how many books you’ll have coming out over the next few years, I’ll very possibly be lucky to identify them more individually than “YAY MORE BOOKS BY KIT!” ;)

    But your heroines? No problems telling Alisha and Joanne apart!

  9. *grin* “Chefted” sounds like a verb. It does indeed apply to him, though.

  10. Dearest Catie,

    I regret to inform you that I considered the implications of purchasing a shirt intended to draw attention to a woman’s chest and decided it would be more prudent to make the purchase for my wife instead of Ted’s.

    I’m sure, however, that you have enough stalkers that you will shortly find yourself buried under piles of t-shirts…

    Love and kisses,


  11. That is the most brilliant shirt ever (and that’s saying something, with my t-shirt collection). Especially given how often I say, “Boobs are useful!” o.O I will have to get one, too!

  12. Forgot to log in as myself. There. :P

    Remind me sometime to send you my great-grandmother’s molasses oatmeal bread recipe. It’s similar to that one in that it involves no kneading, but it’s slightly different, and makes excellent rolls.

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