childhood vaccine

I just came across this headline: “FDA approves childhood vaccine”

I had no *idea* you could vaccinate against childhood.

(The actual story is here; it’s actually a new combination vaccination that will let kids only have 3 shots instead of 9. But damn, that’s really not what the headline suggests.)

3 thoughts on “childhood vaccine

  1. Whereas in the UK there’s a huge parental movement trying to force the government to let the NHS provide individual measles, mumps and rubella vaccines because there is a belief in part of the scientific community that the MMR single vaccine can cause autism.

  2. Huh! Now that I think about it, I do remember reading something about some amount of correlation between the two of those. I can’t remember if they had sensible statistics or not, though.

  3. The short answer, Patch, is that they don’t. :) The long answer is more involved, but I have to go take an epidemiology final…um…now. Shit.

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