Apparently it’s time to rejoice that winter is finally over. There’s a damned *chinook* blowing this morning. It’s partly clear and the sun isn’t up yet and it’s 48 degrees and there’s a warm southerly wind blowing. *buh*

In other news, some observations I forgot to make about Era Aviation. First, the Dash-8 that we flew in down to Kenai had a small sign which read, “Close and latch door during taxi, take-off, turbulence and landing.”

Does this not suggest that if the weather’s fine, one can open the door for a pleasant breeze during the flight?

Also, they hand out cookies during those flights. On the cookies (well, on the wrappers) were stickers which read, “Book your flight online at and get a free in-flight cookie!”

And I thought, “Wow, this whole flight booked online?”

Then I read the smaller print, which said (You’d get one anyway, but we thought we’d mention it.)

I thought that was pretty funny. :)

On the flight back home, which was fairly turbulent, the landing was *so smooth* we weren’t even sure we’d touched down. I was obliged to compliment the pilot. Yes yes.

5 thoughts on “chinooks

  1. It’s fun when businesses are clever like that. It is, however, not fun to fly in small plane in turbulence. Or any planes in turbulence, for that matter.

  2. re: your comment about opening the door when the weather’s fine andyou’re in flight….

    that sounds likeyour imp of the perverse speaking again…. :)

  3. I like turbulence on small planes too. I fall asleep in cars in a heartbeat. Falling asleep on a plane is harder. Unless it’s a little plane and there’s turbulence. Then I sleep like a baby.

    I think I’d like to keep the door closed, though. :)

  4. That was Kevin’s Imp of the Perverse, actually, but _I’m_ not the one who put up a sign that implied it was okay to open the door during nice weather! Still. *laugh* Yes, it’s a very IotP sort of thing to do. :)

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