So my parents have gone off to Ireland with my uncle Packy (lucky bastards all!) and we’re dog-sitting Annie, my parents’ dog. Annie is a sensitive soul, and gets vurry vurry upset when her people leave, so they brought her over early last night so they could pack.

Lucy is very annoyed.

Lucy is, in fact, sitting in a High Spot in the computer room, glaring at the dog. :)

Who doesn’t mind at all. Annie likes cats. :)

The thing about dog-sitting is that the cats like the dog food better than they like the cat food. For Lucy, this isn’t a problem. For Zilli, who is, as his breeder described, “the result of four generations of American inbreeding,” this is more of a problem. He’s delicate. With a capital D. And his wee little bowels get upset when he gets rich or fatty food into his diet.

Like, oh, dog food.

So the dog food is down here in the computer room where I can see it. The cats have been skulking around it all morning. The dog has been ignoring it (she doesn’t eat a lot when her people aren’t here, although I’m one of her people, so hopefully she’ll be okay). I must be Constantly Vigilant, though!

In other news, I am the Master of CSS. Woot! *beam*

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  1. I have Delicate Tummy food for Minna and Kitten Food for Libby. Right up until this month Minna ate the kitten food and was STINKY. Libby ate the Delicate Tummy food and was farty. Now

    mysteriously they have decided to eat their own food and the effluvia are blessedly minimal. Cats.

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