christmas 2

So after our very pleasant time in Longview, we drove back up to Seattle, and drove right to where we were supposed to be, then thought it wasn’t where we were supposed to be, drove around some more, decided it *was* where we were supposed to be, drove back, found out we didn’t know what apartment # we were in, drove away again, called, found out it was the one we’d been standing in front of, and drove BACK again, finally arriving safely. Sheesh.

We hung out for a while and talked with Mom and Gavin and Deirdre and Lizzie (Gavin’s sister) and then we went to Bellevue Square, which is a very large mall, to finish our Christmas shopping, which we did in an expedient 50 minutes, leaving us with 20 minutes before the mall closed forever. Or at least until the 26th. We were very proud of ourselves. :)

We went looking for a present for Aunt Mabel and Grandma, and I wanted to get them some kind of jewelry with pearls, because they were born in June, so we went to look for some kind of pretty (and identical) necklaces, but I was also concerned about the clasps, because they’re 85 years old, and I wanted to get them something that they’d be able to do and undo! So we found a very pretty necklace indeed, but the clasp was just impossible, so we looked some more and found matching pearl bracelets with sensible clasps–

–excuse me, moment of complete distraction. My Elfin name is:

Adusulë (root name, suitable for feminine and masculine); another masculine version is Adusulëion; more feminine versions are Adusulëiel, Adusulëien, or Adusulëwen

for ‘Catherine Eileen Murphy’, or

Carfalas (Carfalasion(m), Carfalasiel, Carfalasien and Carfalaswen(f))

for Catherine Murphy.

–and so we bought them the bracelets, and Mabel even commented when they opened them that they were the sorts of clasps that old fingers could handle! So I was very pleased. :) Anyway, while we were there looking for the bracelets we also found a pretty delicate little sapphire and diamond set that had (manmade) sapphires and diamonds and so now I have sapphire stud earrings and a *beautiful* little necklace that goes with it and a very delicate pretty little ring that doesn’t actually fit on any of my fingers at the moment, but it’s still lovely, and aren’t I *spoiled*?

Having accomplished the vast task of shopping — a chess game for Gavin, a calendar for Mom (her real present is here, as is Deirdre’s, which we have to send to her), a couple of travel books for Dad — we scurried back home and were treated to potato soup, yum. Wow. I’m hungry, she realized suddenly. Maybe I’ll call this part done and — oh, no, Ted is going to arrive here with lunch in a bit, so I’ll wait til then to post this.

Grandma came over for dinner, and while I forget how the topic came up, I ended up telling her about Legion and about the exciting and potentially mind-bogglingly exciting developments there (for those of you at home who are keeping track, Nichole, the agent, is working with Sarah on Sarah’s screenplay for at least the rest of 2001, and will be looking at Legion in January, so that part is on hold for now, but keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath and think positive thoughts for Sarah!!) and Grandma got *quite* excited about the whole thing and crossed her fingers for us (literally) and said she didn’t know how I could possibly not think about it every waking moment. *laugh* So that was pretty neat. :)

And we all talked and had a lot of fun and hung out for the rest of the evening.

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  1. hey you! Wow, even your gramma is cool, huh? :) FWIW, Mom thought Lilith was fun and fluffy, and says she’d watch Legion too. She might be biased, but I’ll take all the ‘yea’ votes I can get. Glad you had a good trip and made it home safe. We’ll catch up soon.

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