christmas l00t!

Lots of phat Christmas l00t this year! Ted got ALL the loot, and then I *also* got all the loot! And then Shaun got all the loot, TOO! Shaun cleaned up in the gift certificate department, coming away with five or six of them, as well as clothes and the first season of the 80s Transformers cartoon. *bwahahah*

Ted got 3 (yes three) power drills, two of which are cordless, a sander and a something else, plus some other power tools, a lasagna pan which is 23423 inches deep, a WHOLE BUNCH of clothes, some of which he’s wearing today and looks very snazzy in, a couple of what I persist in calling video games (although I guess really EverQuest isn’t exactly a video game; also he got Neverwinter Nights) and he got the gaming stuff he asked for except one of the things wasn’t at the store so I got him something else random instead, and he got … other stuff too that I can’t think of right now!

I got ice skates (hooray!) and a DOUBLE-BOILER! wow! didn’t expect that! totally cool! and a gift certificate to Home Depot, which makes me very pleased *indeed*, and a Bosco’s Comic Shop and a Blaine’s Art Store gift certificate and a Waldenbooks gift certificate, and *gasps for air* a copy of Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and a copy of Wet Grave by Barbara Hambly aaaaaaaand oh, the print I wanted, although that’s not actually here yet, aaaaand ooh Lilo & Stitch, and a Stitch doll, and — I got a lot of loot. :)

But the coup d’etat gift was from Angie, who sent me a Rogue blanket. She’d been VERY excited about the gift and couldn’t figure out how to wrap it, so told me I wasn’t allowed to open the box she’d shipped it in until Christmas. So I opened it up and the first thing I see is a black X on a red background, so I knew it had to be an X-Men something, and it being me, it had to be a Rogue something. So I started unfolding it, and Ted and Emily and Shaun saw the stripe before I did, and started LAUGHING and LAUGHING, and I finally got to see the stripe, and *I* started LAUGHING. Oh my god, what a ridiculous and perfect gift. And it’s *so* soft and cuddly and warm! I love it! Angie’d included an explanatory note, in case I didn’t get it, but oh, I got it right *away*, we all did, and oh, it was *so* funny. What a *wonderful* gift. *helpless laughter*

Hey, Trent updated his page!

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  1. I continue to look incredibly smug. ^_^

    I only hope my other presents go over half as well!

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