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I’m going to have some more minor edits to do after this pass on HoS is done, but I think this is the last major revision pass I’m going to have to do. The middle of the book got rewritten a lot in the last pass and it’s solidified up nicely. I’ve got a bunch of work to do to the last four or five chapters still, but if the ones between–20 through 24 or so–aren’t too bad, the end is in sight and I’m feeling quite smug about all of this. Gotten a lot done the last few days, despite having been all over hell and breakfast in that time.

I went down to Curves today, which actually was “go down to Curves, discover I’ve gotten there just after the lunch hour’s begun, go for a two+ mile walk down the Barrow Way, return, find they’re still not open, then meet a very tall man who was struggling with Athy traffic (which is really rather bad) to get back to the shop on time, then spend a good solid 40 minutes talking to him about many things that have nothing to do with Curves”. :)

After looking around, I decided two things. One: it’s not really my kind of place. Two: I’m going to go ahead and join anyway. Amazingly, one does not need a utility bill to do this. There’s a not-too-reprehensible initiation fee which he knocked down another thirty percent because he felt guilty about it starting in January if he didn’t tell me about it, and I can pay monthly, which is good since we don’t know if we’ll be here for more than 6 months. Here in Athy, I mean.

I’m going to join despite it not really being my kind of place because I’d really like to do strength training of some sort, and I think I’ll *use* it, even if it’s not really what I’d prefer. Right now I’m feeling like wanting to do weights (in whatever format) is a larger want than a specific kind of weight gym. Which isn’t available anyway. :)

Arright. Heading home now. Maybe I’ll go swimming tonight.

miles to Mount Doom: 285


  1. Cycline

    My warnings to you about Curves is:
    a – It’s great if you’re just starting to workout, otherwise it’s not very challenging.

    b – There is no way they’ll let you out of your one year contract. I knew someone that broke her leg and wouldn’t be able to use the rest of her year’s membership and they gave her a ‘too bad so sad’.

    c – If you care about where companies focus their corporate giving and what institutions they support – Lots of articles have been written about how their money goes to abstinence only education and they absolutely think it’s the devil’s work to teach young girls about birth control.

  2. Earlier you posted asking for pics of Cardinal Rule. Since I’m probably the only person left without a digital camera or a scanner, I can’t take a pic. But, it’s out and I bought it and am looking forward to reading it. :)

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