clever puppy

Chantico’s mostly a good dog. And this morning when we came in from going out for her walk, she ran right into the kitchen and lay down, ’cause that’s the morning routine. And she stayed there while I got her food and got the cats food and got her a treat. Good puppy.

I kind of wonder where Emily and Ted are. Ted I wonder less about. emily was reputedly going to go find a MailBoxes Etc this morning to dump her stuff on, but I kind of expected her to be back by now, since she’s supposed to be at the airport in 20 minutes. Well. I shan’t worry; I’m sure all things will work out.

Chanti may be a good dog, but Zilli is a *dumb* cat. He just ate himself sick. He does this with a fair degree of regularity. Dumb, *dumb* cat.

Thinks To Do Today:

1. make bread

2. call the spca

3. vacuum

4. dust

5. pick up all the crap that’s lying around

6. go biking

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