clip studio pro

It’s 10pm and I forgot to have dinner because I got busy mucking with Clip Studio Pro.

Last week I did a little sketch for a cosplay dress, a quantum realm dress, and it made me kinda wanna do more drawing, I guess, so I finally got out the stylus for my Surface Pro and doodled a body shape with the inbuilt art program, something or other, uh, Sketchbook, and then I was clever and put a new layer over it to do the cleaner lines & it like snapped lines smooth & shit & OTOH I’m like ‘well that seems like cheating’ & OTOH I’m look ‘uh cool!’

So then I downloaded Clip Studio Pro that and spent far longer yesterday afternoon mucking about with it than I should have, drawing a not particularly great pic of my old Elfquest character, Spidersilk.

This evening I decided I was going to spend a little time actually reading/watching tutorials on how to use this program. The tutorials I’ve found are all much too advanced, because hell if I know what any of these menus the dudes are all “you can get rid of this, I don’t ever use it”-ing about. I found like…4 small useful things, and the EXTREMELY FREAKY 3D POSEABLE FIGURES THAT YOU CAN MAKE DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND USE AS FIGURE REFERENCES and after mucking about with it, about 2 hours ago I said “clearly this is enough of this for tonight”

NARRATOR: It was not, in fact, enough of this for tonight.

the coloring is terribly rudimentary, but i’ve literally never really tried coloring something digitally before, so, y’know, it’s…well. it’s terrible, but that’s ok.