cloning critters

So I was thinking, in the shower this morning (I often think in the shower o.o): if you could choose an extinct animal to be cloned/replicated/recreated somehow, what animal would you choose?

Me personally, I’d choose the Irish elk. I’d like to see one of those critters in action. I think that’d be very cool.

5 thoughts on “cloning critters

  1. Dire Wolves would have to be my answer. :)

    Here’s a picture and some info. I love wolves in general, and it would just be great to see these beasts in action.

    On the more ‘common’ line, saber toothed cats. :)

  2. Ooh ooh ooh. Clever mony, for adding a link to a picture! I can’t find any drawings of Irish elks (not looking hard enough, maybe) but here’s a photo of its skeletal structure and HYYOOOOOOG rack, and an article about it. :)

    Dire wolves! Cool!

  3. I need to learn to read more closely.

    And someone needs to put in a vote for dinosaurs — any of ’em!
    Well, preferably one that fits well into an existing ecosystem.

  4. Carrier pigeons… or whichever species of pigeon it was that became extinct not too many decades ago. It just seems to utterly *unfair* somehow that an entire harmless (and plentiful) species of birds should be wiped out just because people thought they were fun target practice. Somehow, that irks me far more than dinosaurs and other ‘naturally’ extinct animals.

    Then again, a wooly mammoth would be fun to have around in this climate…

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