cognitive dissonance

So last night I was at my usual working space, trying to hammer out the synopsis for the post-apocalyptic dystopian young adult novel (forevermore referred to as PADYA) and I realize that the group of young adults at the table next to me is discussing (and utterly slaughtering) the plot of HUNGER GAMES.

I don’t know which was worse, the total cognitive dissonance of trying to create my own PADYA while listening to the rehash of another at my side, or having to stifle the urge to leap up and shout, “For God’s sake, they *don’t* have time to get married, that’s kind of the point!!!”

Anyway, back in the trenches now, going to try to finish the synopsis today. This month is all about sliding from one project to another, I guess: PADYA synopsis, then finish ch 10 of M&M, then polish & submit the Regency proposal, then 3-5 PADYA chapters, then more M&M and hopefully a short story or two with whatever time I have left, though as we have guests the second half of the month, that may slide into May.

Busy! Busy! Busy! Trying to make up for a year of not writing…

(eta: Since I failed to post this before leaving my internet connection behind, I now return to report that I have in fact finished the synopsis at a comfortably solid 3200 words, which I feel will develop nicely into a longer one if the project sells. I’m v. pleased. Now on to the next job!)

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  1. Lola Stockmaster

    I always laugh to myself when I ask “Oh have you read the books?” I then receive a blank stare and reply there are books?? I have only seen the movie. I think the movie is pretty good, but I have always like the books better.

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