comic con schedule, version 2

Version II of the Comic Con schedule. This is one of those things where I’m about to say something I can hardly believe needs to be in my vocabulary, but:

All meals and meet-ups with friends are subject to change based on professional commitments. I would really love to be going to Comic Con to just be an utter fanboy full of squee, but I’m going to work. Meetings or meals with my publishers and promotional activities have to take precedence. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage it all, but if for some reason I have to drop out of a meal or a meet-up, it’s not personal. Swear to God. It’s just work. :)

I tell you what, there’s so damned much stuff going on I can’t even make a decision as to where I’d even *like* to turn up. I suspect it all changes when you’re on-site anyway…

Lunch with Michael Carroll

Dinner with Angie! YAY!

Evening is Preview Night. Expect incoherency from the chick who’s flown over from Ireland.

Comic Book Law School 101: Let’s Get It Started
Room 30CDE
      » This would probably be a really good and interesting thing to go to

Doctor Who & Torchwood
Ballroom 20
      » oh GOD would I like to go to these. Whether I do or not depends on whether I schedule food with someone else during this time slot. Somewhat sadly, meals are probably more productive for me than the SQUEE of getting to drool over John Barrowman IRL, and the idea here is in fact to be working as much as possible.

The World of Dabel Brothers Publishing — Find out everything Dabel Brothers Publishing has in store for the rest of 2008 and beyond. From The Dresden Files to The Wheel of Time, to their unannounced licenses and much much more, be there as Dabel Brothers Publishing announces the upcoming creative talent on Wheel of Time and brand new licenses that are sure to make a lot of people shocked and happy, all at the same time. Featuring some of the NY Times bestselling authors working with Dabel Brothers Publishing. Room 7AB
      » Good thing Jim’s schedule got published so I knew I should be here…

I bet dinner would be a good idea here.

Random House Publishing—Staff from the Random House Publishing Group discuss upcoming titles from Del Rey, Del Rey Manga, Ballantine, and Villard Graphic Novels. Room 10
      » This is probably one of the least-must-go-to, since, like, I work with these people already, but y’know, showing up in the room might get my name mentioned to however many people turn up at the panel.

Random House party (that sounds totally different than what it actually is! *laughs*)

Looking at our World: Eye on the Present–Authors discuss how they use the supernatural in stories of contemporary society: Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld), LA Banks (The Vampire Huntress Legend Series), Kate Brallier (The Boundless Deep), Marjorie M. Liu (The Iron Hunt), C.E. Murphy (The Negotiator Trilogy), Justine Musk (Lord of Bones), Lilith Saintcrow (The Dante Valentine Series), and moderator Samantha Sommersby (Forbidden: The Revolution).

Looking at our World: Eye on the Present panelists autographing in the Comic-Con Autograph Area

Dinner with Harlequin folk

Gold Eagle booth #1220
I will be here, signing books! HOUSE OF CARDS will be available. Other books should perhaps be purchased ahead of time and brought for signing. :)

Go find my TAKE A CHANCE cover artist, Scott Clark, at the “Bushi Tales” booth and say hello. :)

Lunch with Charles Stross

Battlestar Galactica
The best show on television returns to Comic-Con for a panel filled with excitement, laughter, and a sneak peek into the final revelation.
      » I mostly just want to see if Tricia Helfer is that amazingly gorgeous IRL. *Damn*.

Lunch with /Goth_Huntress

still unscheduled:
“Carpe food” with my editor (her phrasing, not mine. *snickers*)
catching up/eating with JG
hopefully some kind of CBLDF thing
hopefully some time at the Dabel Bros booth
time at the Del Rey booth to do a video interview

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  1. He he he, should have figured you knew Jenn, (Goth_Huntress), but didn’t cotton on to that yet. I actually wandered over here because my friend Kari reads your journal, and GH hadn’t said anything about it, LOL.

    I live in a small world of urban fantasy writers!

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