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I found myself an inker for Chance, if I can afford him. He’s doing a test page and I’ll pay him as much as I can bloody afford, because he’s a *very* good inker. This is definitely a problem with doing a comic book out of pocket and having a Certain Expectation as to the level of quality I want to produce. @.@

Fuck. Can’t afford him. Can’t afford him in a big way. $60/p. Fuck. I’m not paying my *artist* that much. Damn. Damn damn damn. Well, at least you can go admire his inks (and other stuff) online.

*sigh* Well, I emailed several others back, too. We’ll see if anybody pans out. Damn. Disappointed now.

Crap. Having a hard time holding together posting thoughts in my brain. I’ve had this window open for like 40 minutes.

Got outbid on the Rogue poster. Oh well.



  1. eveshka

    Is there an art college that you can use to source some inkers? A lot of kids in the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) programs would kill for a chance to get ink on paper, name attached.

    Especially if it offered to pay a bit and give them some publicity.

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