Ok, we have some comments on the comments and the fact that we’re not necessarily too crazy about them popping up in their own windows. Give me some feedback on this; let me know if you hate the popup windows and prefer it to all be in-line, or if you don’t mind the popups.

Whether I’ll actually listen, mind you, depends entirely on how I feel when I’m done redecorating, but I’d like to know, anyway. :)

12 thoughts on “comments

  1. I kind of like the comments in their own window. Makes it easy to refer back to the page if you forget what you’re commenting on. ;)

  2. With the ‘non-popup’ comments, you get the full post first followed by comments followed by ‘post a comment’ much like the old system.

  3. Depends on the popup blocker. I’ve blocked popups in Chimera, but I can still popup the comments window. Good popup blockers recognize when you trigger the popup with a click and let that through.

  4. For those worrying, the default behavior of Movable Type (this new blogger) is to pop up when you click ‘comments’ but to give you Greymatter’s behavior when you click on the title. (AKA the ‘archive’ of the post.) There is no title here, but I have it on good authority that Mz. Kit is planning on something involving both. Happiness for all.

  5. Come to think of it, Kit could not put the link around the comments number and put two links beside it, one for popup and one for full post. I shall wander off, now, muttering code to myself…

  6. I find the pop up thing pretty irritating, but that’s at least partially because my pop-up stopper is pretty literal about stopping pop-ups of any kind.

    On the other hand, usually when the pop up fails movable type will just put it into the main window. Usually.

  7. Ah ha! I found a new free pop up stopping program that doesn’t stop windows that I choose to open. Woot! :)

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