I’m desperately confused about what day of the week it is. I’m convinced it’s Saturday. We just dropped by the comic shop so Ted could get more Hero Clix (Ted is addicted!) and Amy, who is a friend of mine who works there (I met her while I was working there) was there, and I was terribly bewildered, because Amy doesn’t work weekends.

After a minute I realized it wasn’t a weekend. o.O

This morning, I went to the chiropractor again, because my back had been hurting all week, and I finally kind of went ‘y’know, this is the kind of low-grade pain that I put up with for the last year, except when it was worse than this. This sucks. I’m not doing that again.’ So I went. And I have officially Horked Up My Back Again. God damn it. As far as I can tell, I must’ve screwed it up with that two minutes of running three weeks ago or whatever it was. I’m *really* unhappy about that.

The doctor suggests I walk and swim rather than run and bike.


So tomorrow I’m gonna go over to the University again and renew my pool membership, and I’m going to /have/ to start getting up and going to swim and to the gym, because I really hate being in pain. *growl*

This morning, I also got my hairs trimmed in a fashion that I’m very pleased with, although it’s sort of hard to describe how it’s different than it was before. The very back is shaved and trimmed all nice and tidy so it’s all one length all around now, mostly.

It’s taken me over an hour to get this much written. Small brain. Also, I’ve been editing a whole bunch of cat photos, of which this and this are my favorites.

Emily’s version of what happened with that photo: Lucy and Zilli were in the kitten-sized cat carrier. Toby climbed in. Lucy was Having None Of That. Lucy climbed out. Lucy *then* realized that she was now the Only Cat Not In The Carrier. Lucy was also having none of *that*! Lucy climbed back in, over both Zilli and Toby, squishing them around until she mashed herself into the back of the tiny carrier, where she was then Content.

And one gratuitous puppy shot.

Wordcount as of about 5:30: 5100. Chapters written: 2.75, or thereabouts. Go me. :)

Oop, dinner. bai bai.

4 thoughts on “confused

  1. I love the picture of you and your new haircut.

    I also love the pic of the cats in the box. That is a winner. Submit it. To a cat magazine maybe. And the back-to-back cats.

    Go You! Keep them words and sentences coming! Goud yob!

    Oh! Great picture of flowers at McHugh Creek! Them are beauty floweres, them are.

  2. The three cats in the box is a corgeous picture. Especially the way they look in different directions, as if they planned it all that way .

  3. I am reminded that bobtails are Very Silly Indeed. Three cats in a box, heehee. And Bookends. And I like the shot of Toby asleep on Zilli. Toby is adorable, Emily!

    Cute hair, Kit!

  4. *squeal* I love the pictures, they’re all fantastic!

    And this is much late, but you go, on the writing!

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