We now have a couch in our living room! Even better, we’ve gotten rid of one of the futons (we gave it to my aunt and uncle, who also have a new house to furnish), and so we’re not overcrowded or anything in the living room. Now if only we had bookshelves up, it would be like a real house!

Actually, we’re going to put our old bookshelves up temporarily, because there’s not any *room* in the garage right now to build shelves, and we don’t have money to buy wood, so yeah. Temporary shelves and then we’ll build the new ones when we can. It may take a while, but at least we’ll get more stuff unpacked in the meantime.

It’s starting to snow. Lil’ tiny sort of pathetic flakes, but snow. Maybe it’ll turn into *real* snow. I’d like that. Mid November is too late for no snow. :P

I have a mere 5700 words left to write today. I have no idea if I’ll accomplish that number or not. :)

2 thoughts on “couch!

  1. Gooooooooooo Kit! I’ve got serious catching up to do, the whole craft fair thing put me behind. :P

    Btw, are you looking for Leonids?? It’s supposed to be best tomorrow night!! (It’s supposed to be clear here, like tonight, but tonight the moon is bright, and the river went and produced abominable peasoup fog and I’m very sad.)

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