Cradle 2 the Grave

Ted and I went to a _movie_ last night. And I didn’t _write_. How _amazing_! :)

We went to see Cradle 2 the Grave, which was pretty good up to the pit fight which became gratuitously violent, and after that there were at least a couple more too-gross fight scenes (I’m sorry. In no way is it necessary to show people’s arms breaking and bending horribly wrong ways, or to add in the sounds of bones breaking. I like action flicks, and I like well-choreographed fight scenes, but that’s just gratuitous and gross.). The plot more or less held together, although one of the basic premises of the story was sort of ‘eh, well, ok, if you say so’, one of the final fight scenes ended cornily, and really, if you had all those arms dealers in one place at once, wouldn’t it occur to you that you’d be doing the world a favor by killing them all?

OTOH, Jet Li kicked a lot of ass, with one hand in his pocket, and that was very cool. And DMX actually turned out to be a reasonably decent actor, or at least in this particular movie, he was. So that’s good.

Today, I did the happy dance of having sent HoS off to Tor, and bought some new contacts, and finished up taking care of Sarah’s birthday present, aaaaand hung out with my folks, and Ted the Plot Machine Man gave my Mom a plot for the mystery novel she’s had a title for for 20 years, so now she has to write it (Ted’s thinking of starting a little business: for $20 pre-paid, he’ll give you a brief plot concept/story boost based off your 1. title 2. character 3. story concept 4. world concept or 5. all of the above), and bought a Diane Duane book, aaaaand that’s about it. I’m going to catch up on sf tv watching tonight, and possibly READ A BOOK. Take *that*, world!

5 thoughts on “Cradle 2 the Grave

  1. Yay book! Also yay Ted! Now authors don’t have to get ideas from Schenectady any more! :)

  2. You act all surprised that Ted is an amazing plot machine. I used to game with Ted. I remember all the creative ways he developed to kill characters. I am not surprised.

  3. Jesus.

    Can I borrow your husband? Just for long enough to help me hash out my proto-novel?

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