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Arright, I added the TQB scene this morning, and I quite like it, and it takes care of a loose end that I now won’t have to deal with in the second book. Since I’ve already got about fifteen characters whose stories need telling in PRETENDER’S CROWN, it’s something of a relief to have that particular bit wrapped up. Whew. :) And the book is 146K. I know I have friends who will mock my puny wordcount, but damn, that am a lot of book!

Sunday evening I went over to the train station to drop a copy of WINTER MOON with , and once and I had put her on the train to go home, we, er, stood around in the parking lot talking about Harry Potter (complete with getting very vague about details or falling silent when people walked by, Just In Case) for an hour and a half. And then about other stuff for another half hour. *laugh* Oops. :) So I didn’t do my Chance page, so I better do that today.

I managed to get a gym membership yesterday! Yay! I may do something nutty this afternoon like go to the gym! Crazy talk! It’s gorgeous out, so I’m going to find the sunblock and go for a walk, too. Luffley.

Uh, what else. Oh, right. We spent pretty much all of yesterday afternoon and evening watching season 1 BSG, which was too much television to watch, but which was also very good. I was startled to realize that by the end of season 1, not quite two months have passed since the beginning of the mini-series. I like that.

*LAUGHS* Ok, I don’t know what reminded me of this, but when we were in Bray last week Breic wanted to sing a song, but he wanted one without any words, so I suggested the Imperial March (not by name, but by going DUM DUM DA DUM DUM DA DUM DUM DA DUM!). Breic looked appalled and said, “I don’t want the Darth Vader song! That’s a *scary* song!” (He ended up singing ‘Galop Infernal’, I believe, and knew at *least* as much of it as I do.)

Oh yeah, and Zilli totally suckered me this morning. He’d gotten up on the desk to watch me eat breakfast so he’d be there to sneak over and steal the milk from the bottom of the bowl when I was done. However, just as I finished, Ted came out of the bedroom and I handed him the bowl to take downstairs as he went. Zilli sat bolt upright and said, *very* piteously, “Meew!”

So of course I took the bowl back and let Zilli have the milk. *laughs* Sucker!

ytd wordcount: 130,000
miles to Minas Tirith: 237

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  1. Hi, Maybe you can help me.

    I’m working in Cork on Friday, and am going to travel down on Thursday and take my wife and youngest boy with me. We are going to stay in Cobh and I was wondering can you suggest a Bed & Breakfast near the seafront. I’ll have the car with me on Friday, so the others would want to be within walking distance of the shore. If you don’t know of anywhere off the top of your head, don’t worry.

    We may be able to finally meet up for that coffee/drink, or whatever, if you haven’t already started your trek Belfast-wards, for MECON. I’ll be travelling to MECON from Dublin on Saturday morning, so I’ll see you there at that stage.

    Keep well and prosper.

  2. A big book, but I’m sure every word is necessary! Go, CATIE!

  3. Hi, My wife just let me know she’s booked a place beside the heritage centre. Thanks, but the search is over.

    Are you getting seriously good weather today? We’re roasting.

  4. Thank you for the books, and the delivery! It was lovely to meet you again.

    And, Kate made you stand in the parking lot to chat? You’d think she could at least have taken you somewhere for more hot chocolate and your turn at a neckrub… ;-)

  5. I just finished reading Urban Shaman and the reference to “By Candlelight and back again” reminded me of a favorite childhood book of mine. I wondered if you had ever read it. I would send you a copy if it wasn’t out of print. It was called Can I get There by Candlelight by Jean Slaughter Doty. The young girl’s horse was named Candlelight and one summer she and Candlelight found a way to go back in time and befriend a little girl in the past.
    Thought I would share :-)

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