God *damn* it.

I got a tax bill a couple of weeks ago to the tune of $860 still owed on my 2001 taxes because I hadn’t reported a $2400 payment from APCS, the company that bought CHI in October 2001. I never *received* a W-2 for that $2400. I /did/ receive 3, count ’em, 3, copies of my W-2 from CHI, the first two of which were wrong.

Of course I can’t /prove/ that I didn’t get the W-2 because you can’t prove a negative. I can’t imagine that I’m not going to have to pay it, but god damn it. And get this: the company that did CHI’s taxes in 2001 isn’t the company we’re using for taxes anymore. In order to get the fucked-up W-2s from them — because I didn’t KEEP the ones that were wrong — it would cost more than I have to pay in taxes. And the way HR phrased it they’d expect me to pay for it. I will go talk to the IRS tomorrow, but I cannot imagine that they’re going to tell me anything except I have to pay it, because I can’t PROVE I didn’t get the damned W-2.

As if I actually have an extra $900 to pay them with. Even if I *had* it, I wouldn’t have it, because gosh, I have five zillion OTHER bills. God *damn* it.

I’m starting to count the months until I can quit. Of course, that’s assuming I start selling books. :P


  1. tracie

    I’m sure the IRS will let you do an installment plan… after all, it’s the money they want. *sigh* I really wish this sort of thing wouldn’t happen to =good= people. *snugs*

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