dance class!

Tonight was the first night of ballet class. It was fun, though not as effortful as I expected it to be. I’ll probably be a little sore, but not crippled, which is what I expected to be. My flexibility is quite pathetic, and I felt fat and clunky, but I enjoyed it and am glad I went. And came back to the house with me afterward and we hung around and talked for a couple hours, which was nice, too. :)

Mom found some *gorgeous* fabric to make the HOUSE OF CARDS dress with:

Colors are reversed from the actual cover, but wow, that’s going to be fantastic.

I’ll talk about writing later when it’s less depressing.

miles to Minas Tirith: 285

4 thoughts on “dance class!

  1. fab material. As for the dance class – I felt ungainly until I remembered that I didn’t have a chest the last time I took ballet. So I was able to ignore the other fat deposits in favour of blaming the top two.

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