day one accomplished

Day 1 accomplished. 3 chapters, approximately 8700 words. Go me. :)

Ok, that was a whole hell of a lot of writing, wow. I think I wrote for… let’s see. 2. 5. 2.5. About 9 and a half hours today. Wow. Some of that wasn’t straight writing, obviously (although the last 2.5 hours pretty much *was* straight writing, go *me*!) But I probably spent a good seven or so hours actually *writing*. Wow. Pretty intense, man.

Weird thing is that my brain’s not even tired. Well, not yet. At the end of the weekend, I anticipate it being tired. :) OTOH, if I manage to write 8700 words a day, I’ll have written close to 35K words in 4 days, which I think would be pretty worth being tired over. :)

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