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stolen from : List ten basic tenents or notions by which you feel you should live

1. Follow your heart. Be happy. Believe in yourself. I know that’s three, but they all seem integral to each other to me, darn it.

2. Remember I am in fact the center of the universe.

3. Be nice to people.

4. Life’s not fair. Calvin once wailed, “Yeah, but why isn’t it ever not fair in my *favor*?!” Here’s the thing: it is.

5. “It’s not the dying that should scare you, girl. It’s not living life to its fullest before your time: that should frighten you.”–Wolverine

6. Toot your own horn. Nobody else is going to.

7. It’s fun being a fanboy.

8. “Perspective: use it, or lose it.”–Richard Bach, Illusions

9. If you think people will like you, they almost always will.

10. Jubilee, on teaching Professor X to rollerblade, in one of the various time periods where he had use of his legs: “Out here on the pavement, it’s a lot simpler. You fall down? You get up and start over.”

Why, yes, I do find gems of wisdom in the X-Men. See #7.


  1. pers1stence

    Oh, I didn’t get around to mentioning this when you had your other meme….

    A recommended book: Short read, VERY funny, send-up of SF/fantasy cons and writers and all:
    Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb….

  2. pers1stence

    I just re-read it yesterday, and discovered I’d forgotten how outrageously funny it is…..

    Esp. the seen where Jay and Marion are attending the ST wedding and Jay whispers to Marion “Does that mean he’s going where no man has gone before?” I about fell over on the train, trying not to laugh out loud…

  3. boymonster

    Claremont is coming back to Uncanny.

    Joss is coming on board with New X-Men next year.

    One is very cool, the other makes me want to take to my eyes with a rusty spoon.

  4. mizkit

    Halle Berry *did* say it badly, but it was a bad line, too. Joss’s claim is it was supposed to be said flippantly, which suggests to me a shit-poor understanding of the character. Storm never says anything flippantly. :)

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