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I did get the whole manuscript marked up yesterday, which is one definition of “done”. Unfortunately, despite spending about four hours at it, I only got sixty pages of alterations typed into a file to send off to production. I know it gets a little bit less bad somewhere past the 150 page mark (due, I hope, to the ms actually being cleaner rather than me ceasing to care), but it’s looking like I’ll spend pretty much all day at the computer putting these in. And worst of all, it’s Thanksgiving, so all my US friends aren’t going to be updating their LJs to keep me entertained! Woe! Woe is me!

Arright, back on my head.

(eta: oh, man! Ted and I stayed up way too late last night watching the last 4 Dresden episodes, and I am really, really sad it got cancelled. I think the show had the heart and soul of the books down wonderfully, and I really enjoyed it. I wish there was going to be more! *sniffle*!



Seriously. I was figuring we’d never see one ’cause hey, 12th episode, last show, but at the beginning of that episode (particularly with the wide-eyed “Are you breaking up with me?”) I’d thought, wistfully, “I wish we’d get a kiss in this ep,” and couldn’t imagine we actually would. So YAY. That made me happy. :)

Maybe the writers’ strike will go on long enough that it’ll get played on regular TV and gain such a fan base they’ll go back to production, I said hopefully. :)

Arright, now *really* back on my head!)


  1. logrusboy

    Hey! I’m here for you. Okay, probably only for the couple of minutes it takes to type this, but one does what one can.

    I just started Heart of Stone. [EDIT: Don’t ask me why my first draft read “House of Stone”. Maybe my subconscious was trying to turn it into a medical drama….] As of Chapter 5, it’s a great read so far! I love the fingerprints bit. No, that’s not all I love, it’s just the detail that popped into my head while I’m blathering. Oh! I need to upload my “Brian finds proof that Borders can so stock Catie’s books” photo for your amusement. Or horror. Whatever. Now if I crop out the “Brian” part of the photo, the horror level drops significantly. I’ll have to consider that.

    Even though you’re an ex-pat and I’m not sure of the availability of turkey in Ireland, I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving…at least conceptually…and that your other LJ buddies don’t turn out to be a bunch of slackers! :)

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