doing a little clean-up

I have this irrational fear of my flist getting oversized, and have just gone through to prune it. If you are a writer, particularly a professional writer, I’ve probably switched you over to another journal’s flist (). If you’re one of those and have the mizkit account on a flock, I’d love it if you put cemurphy on it, so I can still read entries! (I’ll email the people I believe to have me on such a lock, to make it easier on them.)

If you’re not a professional writer, it’s incredibly unlikely that I’ve taken you off the flist, because either I know you personally or your journal entertains me in some fashion which causes me to read it. :)

I do wish LJ would switch that over to ‘readers’ instead of ‘friends’. ‘Friends’ is so loaded. o.O

eta: Nevermind. I’m a special *kind* of dolt, aren’t I? I’m still going to be /reading/ blogs with the mizkit account, so nobody needs to friend the cemurphy one. Duh. *slinks off*

13 thoughts on “doing a little clean-up

  1. “Friends” would more accurately be translated as “readees” than “readers”, but I otherwise agree with you on that point. I call mine “stalkees” for the added creepy old internet guy factor, but I don’t insist on that level of committment from everyone else. :)

    And on behalf of all your “unprofessional” friends, I must ask whether there will be differences in your content on the two journals that might cause us to want to stalk…er, I mean friend ?

  2. I’m not professional yet – but I will be dammit! My other LJ is . It’ll be the one that’s linked to my official website. Too much silliness on this one and the matching website :).

  3. Nah, I don’t post with that journal. The only reason I have it at all is to use it for a placeholder in case somebody looks for ‘ce murphy’ on LJ. But I really don’t like the filter system much, and since it was sitting there I thought I’d use it to friend the pros on LJ and not have to deal with filters! :)

  4. *grins* I know a LOT of people in your position. :) I don’t mean to be all snotty and superior or anything; I just don’t have time to keep up with 250+ LJs! I really like getting to know people through comments and stuff, though. That’s what usually prompts me to add people to my reading list. :)

  5. Hrmph! I’m not on your friendsreaders list! I wonder how long that’s been true…

    *storms off and causes all sorts of drama…or not*

  6. *laughs* Here I was thinking I was the only one who had separate LJs for Friends and Writing. My writing blog is syndicated to LJ through .

    I’m Ms. Morrow when I’m writing contemporary romance/romantic suspense because my real name looks like a paranormal/fantasy writer’s pseudonym. Weirdly, all of my published writing has been under my real name.

  7. I’ve got so many years of work rants and other stuff on Goth_huntress that I wouldn’t want the average curious reader to see some of it. And after all this time, much too much to switch to friends only.

    I’m hoping that when I do get published it’ll be with my real name although I do have some fun pseudonyms picked out.

  8. Not sure where else to tell you this: I just had a dream where I was in Ireland and too jet-lagged to do anything, so you brought over a bunch of DVDs and were showing me the bits where you’d been a stunt-person for “Veronica Mars.” Every once in awhile we could step through and see that it was you in a blonde wig instead of Kristen Bell in a fight scene.

    I have no idea why I dreamed this, but I was amused and thought you would be, too.

  9. *laughs out loud* How totally cool! I like to keep my stunt-double lifestyle quiet, but now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag, maybe I’ll start talking about it. :)

    It was really cool to meet you. :)

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