AAs are done and sent off, along with an explanation of what went wrong. Bleh. I hope that doesn’t happen again, but at least they’re done and dealt with.

I just got a whole bunch of packages from various relatives, and one from with the Chance printouts. O. M. G. It looks SO GORGEOUS! I have an irrational desire to scan the pages in to show them off, except of course they look just like the ones I’ve shown here from the original ditigal files. :) *laugh* SQUEE! :) *runs around around around*! SQUEEEE!

I feel like I ought to do a raffle or an auction or something for a copy of the comic, with proceeds going to the CBLDF. :)

Somehow it’s gotten to be the antepenultimate day of the year and I still have a full 1% of my YTD wordcount left to write. I’m going to go have some lunch and see if I can’t knock that down to .5%.

-zooms- :)

2 thoughts on “done.

  1. If you don’t do the full amount, will you only fly as far as CgG airport and not go into Paris itself?

  2. No, we’re going to Paris either way. But it’d be really *dumb* to get this close and not make it. :)

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