AAs are done and sent off, along with an explanation of what went wrong. Bleh. I hope that doesn’t happen again, but at least they’re done and dealt with.

I just got a whole bunch of packages from various relatives, and one from with the Chance printouts. O. M. G. It looks SO GORGEOUS! I have an irrational desire to scan the pages in to show them off, except of course they look just like the ones I’ve shown here from the original ditigal files. :) *laugh* SQUEE! :) *runs around around around*! SQUEEEE!

I feel like I ought to do a raffle or an auction or something for a copy of the comic, with proceeds going to the CBLDF. :)

Somehow it’s gotten to be the antepenultimate day of the year and I still have a full 1% of my YTD wordcount left to write. I’m going to go have some lunch and see if I can’t knock that down to .5%.

-zooms- :)


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