don’t worry

Don’t worry: the 7.9 quake didn’t kill us all dead, or even knock any books off the shelves. Here in Anchorage it was very rumbly and rolly and it went on for a LONG time — about two minutes! — but it wasn’t all jolty or anything. It was *very* impressive, though. I was sitting down to put my shoes on, and Ted had just swung his jacket on, and when I looked up the dining room light was swinging quite wildly, and I said, “How come you hit the light?” and Ted looked mortally offended and then we realized we were having a hell of a quake. :)

This was my plan for the day:

1. Write 1700 words

2. Clean the bathroom

3. Make cookies

4. Swim

This is what I did:

1. Went to my Dad’s rehearsal for I Remember Mama and took 125+ photos

Some days don’t come out like you plan. :)


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