don’t worry

Don’t worry: the 7.9 quake didn’t kill us all dead, or even knock any books off the shelves. Here in Anchorage it was very rumbly and rolly and it went on for a LONG time — about two minutes! — but it wasn’t all jolty or anything. It was *very* impressive, though. I was sitting down to put my shoes on, and Ted had just swung his jacket on, and when I looked up the dining room light was swinging quite wildly, and I said, “How come you hit the light?” and Ted looked mortally offended and then we realized we were having a hell of a quake. :)

This was my plan for the day:

1. Write 1700 words

2. Clean the bathroom

3. Make cookies

4. Swim

This is what I did:

1. Went to my Dad’s rehearsal for I Remember Mama and took 125+ photos

Some days don’t come out like you plan. :)

3 thoughts on “don’t worry

  1. So on the phone yesterday you said ‘I don’t know when the big one is going to come, it’s overdue’.

    Just to inform the world that Kit is the Goddess of Earthquakes.

  2. Note to self: Don’t upset Kit. But then, if she can get an earthquake of any considerable notice in OHIO…

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